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Animal Jam - Play Wild! - Pegasus Palace

Animal Jam - Play Wild! - Pegasus Palace

For the last nearly four years I have been in charge of crafting many of the levels for the mobile game Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Here is a quick overview of the Pegasus Palace Den. On this level I was responsible for modeling, texture work and lighting and level setup for gameplay. Some props were reused from the rest of the game.

Our process is to create immersive worlds for kids to socialize, customize and express themselves with their avatars and purchasable Dens. The game's style while in 3D, has been tailored to match the web version of our original game. Textures are hand painted but in a way that is more graphic with less detail. Vertex color is used heavily through out the world to bring the models to life while keeping an eye on budget and performance.

Game can be found on the Google and iTunes App stores.