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Mid Feb Update - Don't Fence Me In...

General / 17 February 2020

Finally got the cell gates in and the large metal gates.  Spent some time reusing assets to get the shelves in and trim around those nooks in as well.  Threw in some lights which are not representative at all of the direction I'm going but figured why not throw something in for now.  Need to get the last support arches in and the damaged variant and then I can focus on a decent lighting pass.  Getting close to having all the main architectural elements first pass and after lighting, "Propulation Pass".  (A term that I coined at WildWorks...I wonder if it's been trademarked yet :))

Anyway, enjoy!

A bit bridge the gap? ;p

General / 12 February 2020

Got the bridges and pillars in - lots to tweak on them but it'll do for now.  Not having the main doors and cell doors in is bothering me so....that's next.  (the amount of chains in the far area is also bothering me so I'm gonna spend some time rethinking that as it's too busy.

(lighting's bothering me too...but once I get everything in I'll do a first pass on that too.)



Stairs and Main Arches in - First Pass

General / 06 February 2020

Finally got my stairs and main arches in, going to re-purpose the main arches and scale a variant for the doors and cell frames and add a footer.  Hopefully can get that done this evening and I can keep moving forward on more progress over the weekend.  Looking forward to coming back to polish the sculpts on everything.  Thinking I'll tackle the bridges next.

Dungeon Update

Work In Progress / 29 January 2020

Well figured it was time to share a little update on my dungeon.  Lots of rough-ins still with nothing being close to final, as I'm just trying to get a first pass on most of my sculpting done on trims, props and one offs.  Getting there slowly with the short amount of time I tend to have after work, but trying to make the most of it and work smarter....not harder :)!  Hoping to tackle the stairs and door arches next, possibly following up with the doors and bridges.  Would leave most of the metal work and freestanding arch supports to do after that in all their variants.  This has been fun to do and I'm really looking forward to lighting once I get all the elements in.  Lighting is probably my favorite thing to do in the pipeline outside of sculpting/texturing.


Dungeon Project

Work In Progress / 18 December 2019

I've been slowly working on piecing together this new dungeon level based off some elements I've kit bashed from some various concepts. (Seen Below)

I'm aiming for a Darksiders Genesis feel and have been recently playing through and digesting all the amazing work that's been done for that game.  Really looking forward to posting updates and getting this next project done.

Here's a quick link I posted to IG of my 1st pass grayblock in Unreal. I wanted to make sure it felt ok while clicking around and traversing.  I found some issues I took note to correct, but it was fun to actually move around in it using the template Unreal provides for a top down game.

Walk thru of Rough Greyblock

Concept Inspiration: 

Pumpkin King Dark Chapel - Based off Bill Cooper Original Concept

Work In Progress / 09 February 2019

Past few weeks I've been fleshing out this model as a personal project based off the talents of Bill Cooper.  A few years ago he loaned me one of his beautiful concepts, I started out with just the base concept and decided to flesh it out further and make a little mini scene based on my own interpretation of scene.

I'm at the point where I'll be texturing it and then doing some further geo tweaks, but I thought this would be a great time to show some progress.

My final goal for this is to hand paint all the textures, similar to some of my other pieces and then use it as a model I can re-skin to do some stylized PBR trials, swapping out the materials.