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Mid Feb Update - Don't Fence Me In...

General / 17 February 2020

Finally got the cell gates in and the large metal gates.  Spent some time reusing assets to get the shelves in and trim around those nooks in as well.  Threw in some lights which are not representative at all of the direction I'm going but figured why not throw something in for now.  Need to get the last support arches in and the damaged variant and then I can focus on a decent lighting pass.  Getting close to having all the main architectural elements first pass and after lighting, "Propulation Pass".  (A term that I coined at WildWorks...I wonder if it's been trademarked yet :))

Anyway, enjoy!

A bit bridge the gap? ;p

General / 12 February 2020

Got the bridges and pillars in - lots to tweak on them but it'll do for now.  Not having the main doors and cell doors in is bothering me so....that's next.  (the amount of chains in the far area is also bothering me so I'm gonna spend some time rethinking that as it's too busy.

(lighting's bothering me too...but once I get everything in I'll do a first pass on that too.)



Stairs and Main Arches in - First Pass

General / 06 February 2020

Finally got my stairs and main arches in, going to re-purpose the main arches and scale a variant for the doors and cell frames and add a footer.  Hopefully can get that done this evening and I can keep moving forward on more progress over the weekend.  Looking forward to coming back to polish the sculpts on everything.  Thinking I'll tackle the bridges next.